The town takes its name from the Capenates, a pre-Roman population, conquered by the Etruscans and then by the Romans, who settled near the Tiber, a fundamental communication and trade route.

The building of the present-day town, originally called Leprignano, began in the 14th century and, after changing hands several times, finally fell under the control of the Monastery of San Paolo until the Unification of Italy.

The town centre consists of two distinct areas: 'La Rocca' and 'Paraterra'. The latter is the medieval quarter, with narrow streets and houses interlinked by raised covered passageways.

During the Renaissance period, the area around the Rocca was developed. This is still a lively place, full of atmosphere, where festivals and events are staged at different times of the year.

An odd fact: the oldest part of the town is located on the 'Civitucola' hill where the ruin known as 'Il Castellaccio' gave its name to a well-known wine produced in the surrounding countryside. Enjoy a taste!

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